Finally…an implementation program that reveals all the little-known secrets to transforming your resume into an interview and job offer magnet… in one night.

Now you can avoid going into the abyss with your resume.

 Discover the effective resume secrets that get you more interviews and job offers even if….

  • You are about to graduate
  • You are early in your career and don’t have a lot of work experience
  • You have taken a career break
  • ​You are transitioning to a new industry
  • ​You don't think you have any impressive achievements
  • You are about to graduate
  • You are early in your career and don’t have a lot of work experience
  • You have taken a career break
  • ​You are transitioning to a new industry
  • ​You don't think you have any impressive achievements

Let's do a thought experiment. Think about your ideal career path…the company you'd love to work at and what you'd be doing.
Now picture this: Your future boss agreed to look at your resume.

Don't get too excited yet. Why not? Because you only get 10 seconds of his time.

With that twist, ask yourself honestly:

Would your resume stand out?

Would it be memorable?

Would your resume get you this job?

Hi, my name is Dr. Grace Lee.

Maybe you've seen my research published in world-renowned scientific journals or read some of my articles discussing neuroscience and your career.

Maybe you've watched one of my YouTube videos on "Career Revisioning", or maybe you've listened to my podcast about achieving more satisfaction and success in your life.

Maybe you've seen my name on one of the dozens of podcasts I've been featured on, or heard me speak from stage at an event.

Or maybe you've seen me featured in Forbes, U.S. News or my other articles.

The reason I've been all over these places is because I've been sharing my mission on helping people develop Vocational Confidence, which is derived from both Modern Neuroscience and Business Development principles.

I've been fortunate that 6,712+ people like you have learned my new methods and are using them to fast-track their career and life TODAY.

However, this isn't about me.

This is about you.

If you want to get the job offer (and stand out!) in your career…

What you don't know about the hiring process will hurt you…

Here's something most hiring managers won't tell you: 

Your resume get 10 seconds of attention.

It doesn't matter how much work experience you have, how many skills, how your talents and personality shine…they all earn you just 10 seconds of a key decision maker's attention.

And even before the 10 second counter starts, most of the time your resume must pass the watchful eye of a robot scanning software.

That means that before a human sees your resume, it must pass the scan first.

The most anxiety-provoking thing about all of this is that our resume is the first and only thing about us a hiring manager sees.

On the surface, it seems unfair; you are a multi-faceted, talented individual, yet EVERYTHING a company knows about you is condensed into this piece of paper. 

The question then becomes: How do you make SURE that this piece of paper captures YOU sufficiently?

I get it, that's a LOT of pressure riding on a single piece of paper since our resume is frequently our one shot at the job we desire!

No wonder why even the most confident person can get so nervous writing a resume!

To make matters worse, most of us went to college where we were taught how to write with academic-speak. So then we edit our resumes over and over until they sound like the way we used to write when we were handing in a research report!

Then we panic when we don't hear anything back from the first resume use to apply.

So what do we do?

Unfortunately, most people play "the numbers game" and keep sending out resume after resume to 20, 30, 40 companies…and still don't receive a response.

Alas, this is called sending your resume into the abyss. AKA "going into the abyss".

And if that's not depressing enough, we start to lose self-confidence:

  • "I have nothing to show for the last 5 years of my professional life."
  • "I don't have the experience people want."
  • "My accomplishments aren't good enough."
  • ​"I just don't impress anyone."

It feels like the odds are stacked against us while the companies have all the power to decide our fate.

We get up the next morning and do it all over again in a daily grind.

But it's not your fault! 

How are you supposed to create resumes that open doors to your dream jobs when no one has taught you how to do it?

Maybe you've Googled "resume tips". 

But all you see is pages and pages of worthless generalities that remind you to check your spelling, grab their attention, and highlight your accomplishments. 

It's all typical advice, which is unhelpful.

What is the missing piece in your resume?

Hint: It's not a skill, a particular job title, or credential. 

The missing piece that nobody is talking about is your EPIPHANY STORY.

Your epiphany story is a powerful narrative that tells the reader in the first 10 seconds how the snapshot of your life on that piece of paper is a masterpiece by design. 

It ties all the elements of your resume together.

I can show you exactly how to have a powerful story that makes you memorable. And I will give you the templates, word-for-word scripts, and proven examples to help you transform your resume in one day.

This is what most resume "experts" overlook.

When you know how to craft your powerful epiphany story, you will stand out more than someone with 5 years more experience than you who didn't know this secret.

Hard to believe?

Just imagine you are the hiring manager who is looking at your resume for 10 seconds.

Try it right now with your own resume.

Would you hire you?

Would you consider it memorable?

Do you think you come across as remarkable?

If not, then you're in the right place. I am making it my mission to help you transform your resume into the interview and job offer magnet it was destined to be.

Imagine this:

  • ​Your resume will rise to the top of the pile
  • ​When you walk into each interview, they'll already feel like they know you
  • ​You set yourself up for success because they already know and like you…which means interviewing is easier, and negotiating is easier

Yes, I will teach you the tactics and the strategies to get these results.

But more importantly, I will teach you the THINKING BEHIND why these strategies work, so you can apply these insights to your resume effectively no matter what position in what company or industry you're applying to.


Effective Resume Secrets

This self-paced implementation program gives you instant access to my most comprehensive materials on writing a memorable resume

I've spilled all my secrets, and I've included plug and play scripts, insights from human psychology, and even subtle tactics that I learned from CEOs and hiring managers who have seen countless resumes. 

You will have access to actual resumes from real people and ready-to-go templates.

The whole program is structured so you can transform your resume from ordinary to top-of-the-pile…in one day without the overwhelm.

What you'll learn in this program:

  • Actual insights from managers and recruiters on what they're looking for in a memorable resume.
  • Actual resumes from successful applicants from early career to executive level. Don't reinvent the wheel. Use these proven models and scripts.
  • ​Step by step strategies to make your professional experience shine…even if you don't have 5+ years of experience.
  • ​How to ethically look your absolute best on paper. All the tactics and strategies I teach in this program are grounded in being truthful. I stand behind acting out of integrity.
  • ​A PROVEN framework to craft the first 5 lines of your resume to show the reader exactly what they want to see at first glance. Includes examples from winning resumes.
  • ​How to hack the Application Tracking System (ATS) and get noticed by the resume scanning robots
  • ​How to quantify the value you bring to the table even if you work in a non-technical field. Includes examples from winning resumes.
  • ​Subtle tweaks to avoid being discriminated with ageism.
  • ​How to get rid of the fluff, make the most out of the prime real estate on your resume, and still communicate your value effectively while using your real voice.
  • "Copywriting Secrets" and how to use principles of "going viral" to effortlessly rise head-and-shoulders above the competition.
  • ​How to use power and action words to "control" what the reader sees.
  • ​Discover 2 free tools to turn your resume into an interview magnet that influences, persuades, and gets you hired.
  • ​And more…

And that's not all.

You also get a BONUS: How to effectively return to work after a career break even if you've been away for 18 years

Discover 7 steps for returning to work including the distinctions of a return-to-work resume. You will also have access to actual resumes from individuals who have returned to work successfully.

You only need to make one decision today to change your career. 

You can continue sending your current resume again and again hoping that one day someone will give you a chance. You might get some responses or feedback, but most of the time you'll hear nothing

You can keep beating your head against the wall, wondering why they don't call back

You can blame the economy, the industry, your school's reputation, or the older generation. 

Or you can take action to learn the insights and apply them so that you don't have to keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

It's time you acknowledge that you deserve to know how to turn your not-working resume into a memorable masterpiece that will get you interviews and ultimately that job offer.

I've packaged this material up to be as affordable and easy-to-use as possible. 

You can have your resume makeover completed in one day without the overwhelm

Yes, I want Effective Resume Secrets so I can stand out over people with 5+ years of experience, get the offer, and get paid more.

Get started RIGHT NOW for only


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